Infuse a breath of fresh air into traditional medical practice

Innovative solutions to changing healthcare needs

How is OneGlance a perfect technological fit for the modern medical practitioner?

With changing needs in healthcare, OneGlance provides cutting-edge solutions to help healthcare providers stay up to date in their practice.

Simple To Use

Who said technology has to be complicated? It’s as simple as operating a mobile phone

Paperless Operation

Go completely paperless and have a smooth operation of your entire setup with ease

Access From Any Device

Keep your data at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. Have complete control of your clinic operations from anywhere with a single click.

Speed & Backup

Work at 10x speed and get your tasks done in no time. With secure automatic data back-ups, never worry about data loss.

Customer Support

Right from training your entire team we support you at every point of your journey with us

Why Choose Us

Through our constant interactions with medical practitioners, patients and clinic administrators we are well equipped to understand challenges faced at the ground level and offer practical and simple solutions

Revenue Loss from missed patient visit & patient leakage
Automated SMS Reminders.
Automated SMS reminders.
Tele-consultation with EMR
Communication gap with patients due to language barrier
Auto-translate to local language for prescription instructions
Voluminous paper files for
medical history
Reports sorted & readily available on a single screen
Managing different departments in a hospital effectively
Centralized Admin Control For Departments
Centralized admin control for departments
Lengthy consults from repeated data entry
Smart Prescription Options Configurable Treatment Templates
Smart prescription options Configurable treatment templates
Disconnect between doctor,
pharmacy and pathology
Pharmacy, Pathology, IP and Doctor's Modules interlinked on a common platform