Four Ways to Increase Patient Volume & Grow Your Medical Practice

4 ways of using patient experience to increase patient volume

Active Outreach

SMS / Whatsapp Outreach campaigns that include easy appointment links and remind patients of upcoming visits or rescheduling overdue appointments is an easy way to get patients back through the doors. To continually stay connected with patients, practices should also create messaging around new service offerings, updated check-in procedures, or reminders regarding your practice’s telehealth services. If patients feel like you are offering services that are responsive to their needs, they will continually want to come back to your practice.

📱Convenience through Mobile Phones

The Pandemic has taught everyone to complete any task online – Paying Bills, Booking Vaccinations, Etc. This same level of mobile convenience will undoubtedly be expected moving forward in healthcare. Data shows that patients are more likely to visit a provider offering digital services – 78 percent report wanting contactless healthcare options instead of traditional in-person, paper-based processes. Allowing everything from appointment booking to patient registration forms, to be completed online provides the effortless experience patients are looking for. Having the ability to digitally store patient records and share digital prescriptions increases convenience since patients can quickly confirm or update details.

🔃ASK for Reviews

Now more than ever, Patients are checking online reviews before choosing a doctor. Keeping a constant check on your review and increasing positive reviews is a sure-shot way to increase patient flow. While you can’t avoid negative reviews, take time to read them and add appropriate responses. Actively encourage your patients to share their reviews online using follow-up SMS / Whatsapp messages

📅Schedule Follow-up Appointments

Most doctors are not very active to tell their patients when they want to see them next. When you actively take the step to schedule a follow-up it shows your patients that your practice cares for their health. Letting patients know the next steps before they leave clearly communicates a level of commitment and dedication that will strengthen your Patient Retention.


The 4 points are only as effective as they are implemented. With your busy schedule and shortage of time, you are better off using Clinic management software that handles all of this for you with ease.

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