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“My practice was eating into all my available time, stressing me to my limits. OneGlance helped me free up more time for myself by making it easy to manage all aspects of my practice digitally”

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“Easy to use multidimensional diabetes patient data management software which makes electronic data keeping simple and effective.” Dr. Mahadevan Jayam Diabetes Speciality Clinic, Chennai

“User-friendly software; Software is as good as the need of the end-user. You will be surprised at what it can offer.” Dr. Manoj Chadha Hope & Care Centre, Mumbai

“I am very happy with the product and the service. I would recommend Oneglance software to all my professional colleagues in diabetology.” Dr. Chandrakant Rao Wise Cardio-Diabetes & Obesity Center, Pune

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What our Customers Say...

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently using another Software. How can i move to OneGlance?

Signup for a demo. Our product expert will get in touch with you, give you a walkthrough, understand your current software and customise a migration plan to move your data to OneGlance.

Most of our customers are new to using software in their clinics. Based on our experience, we have customised training sessions for all types of users in your clinic – Doctors, Receptionist, Pharmacist,  Etc. We will support you till you get good at using software.

You will need 1 computer (with internet access) per user.

The Product Pricing is variable depending upon the features and functionalities you choose to use along with the number of uers. You will get a clear idea of what features and functionalities are valuable for you during the demo. To give you an indication, Base Price of the product starts at 18,799/- (excluding GST) per year.


Use our ROI calculator below to see how much you can save / earn more by using our software

  • There is NO FREE LUNCH! Will anyone give anything for free? Maybe some day;) The world is not yet there. Most Free products in the healthcare space operate on 1 big exploitation – DATA! Where the product is free, The DATA pays for it.
  • Your Reputation and Professional Image are Worth More than the FREE software.
  • Imagine this, a Patient walks out of your clinic with your recent prescription and soon starts receiving promotional advertisements for discounts on medicines. What do you think the Patient will think of you? What will you think if you were the Patient? Will you feel secure with your Doctor?

About OneGlance

  • A Software technology company focused on providing software applications for Chronic disease management.
  • Founded in 2011 by Sandeep Balakrishnan.
  • Serving 1000+ Doctors Across 25+ Specialities

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