Hear from our clients

Finest medical data capture software. Highly customizable, easy to use with affordable price tag. Excellent After-Sales service.
Dr. Arun Karthik
Diacare Diabetes Specialty Center
User-friendly software; however software is as good as the need of the end-user. You will be surprised at what it can offer.
Dr. Manoj Chadha
Dr. Manoj Chadha
Hope & Care Centre
After-sales support is excellent, useful for patient data management. It’s also good value addition to the quality of service we offer.
Dr. Mahadevan
Jayam Diabetes Speciality Clinic
I Am very happy with the product and the service. I would recommend Oneglance software to all my professional colleagues in diabetology.
Dr. Chandrakant Rao
Wise Cardio-Diabetes & Obesity Center
Easy to use multidimensional diabetes patient data management software which makes electronic data keeping simple and effective.
Dr. Manoj Chawla
Lina Diabetes Center
Suitable for Chronic disease management. Their technical team also caters to all our needs.
Dr. Manjunath
Manjunath Clinic
Comprehensive Patient-Centered, Proactive Diabetes Management with customized patient records and appointment scheduling system.
Dr. Yadla Sreenivas